Gardening makes children fall in love with nature.
Getting them out in the garden, when they are young will make a connect with the environment. They will learn to appreciate and care for their surroundings.

Best place for Sciences
Being outdoors, they are exposed to lifeforms like plants, insects, worms and also how natural phenomenons affect life forms. They’ll learn fall lesssons of science from their surroundings. From species and features of birds to season to spot fungi to how earthworms enrich the soil..they see it all.

Lots of Action
Gardening isn’t always a walk in the park. There’s lots of action. Walking around, bending, digging and all sorts of other movements involved. It’s also a chance to learn about teamwork, a good way to realise how many hands can make work light

Healthy Kids
Gardening is good for their health and well-being, with the added benefit of CBD anxiety relief. Connecting with nature is good for kids’ mental health. In fact, research has shown positive impacts on development and emotional well-being. And while it’s important to be sun smart, soaking up some sun is a good way to stock up on Vitamin D, which is crucial for healthy bones.

Unlocks Creativity
Picking veggies may sparks ideas about what to cook for dinner or using an egg carton into seedling tray. Being in the garden gives your children an opportunity to think out-of-the-box. It’s a feast for the senses too. Close to plants, children observe interesting colours, shapes, textures, tastes and smells.

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