Sangita Wahi

Being a branding consultant, a fiery entrepreneur, a compassionate individual, an avid gardener, Sangita Wahi believes to be the change she wishes to see in the world. She saw environmental degradation closely while working with brands. Packaging industry, media publicity and virtually every urban activity was against environment. Seeing the level of toxins and pesticides in our environment and everyday food items, she led a movement of green change in the city of Gurgaon.

Sangita has inspired thousands of Urbanites to develop organic home gardens and grow fruits and vegetables in their small balconies and terraces by adopting simple, age old sustainable culture.

As a designer she loves to design home and office gardens, style plant arrangements and indoor greens, curates and mentors gardening workshops and events, nature walks, plantation drives Her commitment and vision is the forceful energy at GreenStreet that believes to leave behind a better world for the coming generations