Terms and Conditions

 Terms and Conditions for Club Members
  • Club Greenstreet has been initiated to encourage organic practices in home gardening and thereby build a green and sustainable Gurgaon.
  • The membership entitles you to fix number of free workshops/events or sessions as committed in each type of memberships
  • Members will also be enjoying discounted pricing and priority for most events and activities of the group.
  • Team GREENSTREET enjoys full rights to approve or reject any membership.
  • Members shall be free to give in their suggestions and advice to make this community more enriching experience for all.
  • Once approved and paid, members cannot withdraw from membership before the period applied for.
  • Membership is transferable only in case any member is not able to continue due to unavoidable circumstances and will be sole discretion of team Greenstreet.
  • Team Greenstreet has sole right to reschedule or cancel any event or workshop with prior notice.
  • Greenstreet will be partially liable incase club activities are suspended from their end, anytime during the membership period.
  • No member shall indulge in any other commercial activity with Club Members without prior permission of Team-Greenstreet.