Flower Styling

Flower Styling

Flower Styling

Who does not love flowers? From those smiling in the gardens to digital bouquets on social media, everyone beams with one glimpse of a flower.

As they say, “The earth laughs in its flowers”. Though every growth is special to a gardener’s heart, nothing beats the joy unfurling blooms. Whether it’s an old splashy bougainvillea blooming in your backyard, a tiny seasonal pansy showing up its lion face or the roadside grandeur of the golden shower, the joy of flowering is always special.

Though flowers are the most beautiful of nature’s creation and look attractive wherever and however they grow, here are a few planting styles that will enhance the beauty of your garden.

Go Bold in a Pot

Space is a constraint with most of us living in urban areas. Nevertheless don’t forget that a single bold and big flower arrangement can be a perfect eye stopper in any space, utilizing next-gen hydroponic techniques. A single bowl of tulips can make a statement in any living room or a big pot of Chrysanthemums can magically elevate an old rustic window. So never feel challenged to grow your favourite varieties of flowers even in the most limited space. And guess what? Don’t be disheartened if you can’t even accommodate that one extra pot. Just go ahead and spruce up an any existing perennial pot with a complimenting flower bed at the base. Trailing nasturtium or asylum under any potted plant can look as stunning as ground covers under a huge tree.

Go Grand with Repetition

Consistency or repetition always makes us comfortable. Be it in beds or planters, many of the same variety certainly looks more appealing. So if you have the liberty of space, always plant your seasonal flowers in numbers. Plant a full bed of dianthus or a row of marigold pots to create some magic in spring.

Flower Shapes

Shapes and forms are an integral part of all design forms.  Create a swirl, an arch or any interesting shape with flowers and they will undoubtedly stand out in your garden. And if you don’t believe me, do witness the spectacular show of floral art at Miracle Garden, Dubai, a world famous spot for flower lovers. The three dimensional flower formations will simply blow your mind.

Play with Colour

Planting similar hues and colours create harmony while complimentary colours exhibit excitement. Complimenting red and white anthuriums in a bowl can brighten up your coffee table conversations while several hues of pink tulips are infinitely serene.

And surprisingly, a mix of random colours may sound unusual but that’s what I call, nature’s beauty in its chaos. Plan a mixed riot of dahlias in organised beds or find inspiration in wild flowers adorning natural landscapes in the wild.

Step Setups

Step formation is one of the most spontaneous styles that play on natural height of the plants. From hollyhocks to ice flower, plant seasonals according to plant height in order to create a well organised look and visibility to all. And that’s surely one trick you can never go wrong with.

Line your Pathways

Plantation alongside pathways is very common in garden setups and adding florals can take it to the next level. From hydrangea or ixora bushes to phlox or poppies along a passage sound very inviting and lead your way along a path.

Flowers on your Entryway

Some of us who do not have the luxury of a having a garden space can still manage some floral stimulation on their entryway. A single climber falling above your main door not only creates a welcoming impression but also adds a special feature to your building elevation. Be it the exotic wisteria or the common bougainvillea, the trailing floral can surely be styled like a masterpiece. Alternately, a set of classy flower pots at the entry can also be so inviting

Hang a Flower Garden

Scarcity of floor space makes us look up to the ceilings, walls or grills. So go ahead hang up your flower dreams. Look for a boring wall, hook some baskets from your pergola or hang a few planters on the side grills to enjoy the flowers of the season.

Where there is a will there is a way and those who love flowers, ‘no’ is a word they never say. And whatever way you plan your garden, flowers are surely a messenger of joy, positivity and beauty of life.