Sip Your Blooms

Flowers in your garden are surely a visual delight, but sipping the vivid hues and the aromatic experience in floral teas is the epitome of royal enchantment. Yes you heard that right. Many of your favourite flowers growing in the garden can be enjoyed as flower teas. The mystical brews not only evoke your senses but each has a load of health benefits too.

Flower teas have an ancient history in Ayurveda as well as Traditional Chinese medicine. They have been popular for medicinal and therapeutic qualities since ages. A variety of flowers can be made into exotic blends either by steeping fresh or dry flowers with or without herbs that are technically called ‘tisane’ or by adding flowers to black or green tea. You may also pair them with herbs and spices or wear the mixologist’s hat and create your favourite drinks. And its always stylish to make floral ice cubes to add that wow factor to your party tables. No matter how you want to enjoy these floral quenchers, its always safer to collect disease and pesticide free flowers from your garden though dry flowers and dry powders are available in stores. Adding to your common list of rose, hibiscus or chamomile, here are a few more unique flower teas to sip for good health and relaxation.


Originally from Asia and Europe, an excellent anti inflammatory flower, chrysanthemum is known for its cooling and calming effect. The infusion is known to regulate cortisol insomnia and anxiety. It’s high concentration of magnesium, potassium, calcium and vitamins strengthen the immune system. A little note of caution for those who are allergic to chrysanthemum should avoid this tea. 


The yellow radiant petals, the grainy seeds, the gigantic leaves, every part of the sunflower plant is edible! These beautiful rays of sunshine not only look gorgeous but are also delicious and nutty! They are usually steeped as regular herbal tea or as a blend with black tea. Sunflower tea has been used in Iranian and Chinese medicine to heal wounds, lower blood pressure and strengthen the stomach.


The amazing golden beauty has always been a symbol of festivity and rituals in India for its endless qualities. With its peculiar aroma, marigold fills up every home with a celebrative energy and is woven into our everyday lives. Just steep a tea with petals alone or make a blend with green tea, lemon grass or mint leaves. You may add a sweet note with a dollop of honey or agave syrup and even enjoy it as ice tea. Marigolds are known to reduce inflamation, menstrual cramps, nausea, ulcers and acne. The tea is a a perfect detox drink too. 

Butterfly Pea Flower

The trending blue pea flower, coming called Aparjita in India is extremely popular in ancient medicine as well in food and festivities. Today this vibrant blue magic potion is a favorite in cocktails, teas, desserts and even cosmetic products. According to Ayurveda, it’s a great cooler and is good for people with a ‘Pitta’ constitution. It’s anti fungal and antibacterial properties make it a good idea to enjoy it as tea or drink. You may add a kick of mint and lemon to perk it up as a summer drink or even steep it in gin to say cheers.


Often dismissed as a garden weed that springs up anywhere and everywhere, dandelion flowers, leaves and roots  are said to have a lot of health benefits. It’s one of those plants that has been valued in both eastern and western traditional medicine. Herbal teas containing dandelion are often used to manage blood sugar, improve immune function, reduce inflammation, promote heart and liver health. The best time to sip this delicate and sweet floral tea is in the morning. The only caution here is moderation so not recommended to drink everyday.

Pomegranate Flower

For those of us who have a pomegranate tree in the garden are familiar with its gorgeous blooms. And the good news is that leaves, flowers and even fruit peel of pomegranate can be brewed into a tea. The flower tea has a tart and mildly bitter taste but surprisingly the leaves simmer a strong sweet flavour, very similar to pandan leaves! Pomegranate flower tea is the perfect drink for healthy skin and complexion and hence delays aging. It’s anti bacterial and anti viral properties makes it one more mild tea for good health. So brew a cup for yourself when you need a mood lift or add it to your mocktails and cocktails for those sparkling red hues in your glass. 

Disclaimer: Information above is not by a medical expert. If you are suffering from an illness, please consult the doctor before consumption.