Flower Styling

Who does not love flowers? From those smiling in the gardens to digital bouquets on social media, everyone beams with one glimpse of a flower. As they say, “The earth laughs in its flowers”. Though every growth is special to a gardener’s heart, nothing beats the joy...

Sip Your Blooms

Flowers in your garden are surely a visual delight, but sipping the vivid hues and the aromatic experience in floral teas is the epitome of royal enchantment. Yes you heard that right. Many of your favourite flowers growing in the garden can be enjoyed as flower teas....

Rose Through the Lens of Food

The rose bush outside my window was in full spring mode and I just could not resist to quickly steep my favourite rose tea. As the subtle floral flavours lingered on my lips, I wondered the eternal words by Shakespeare, “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”....

Caulishowers in my Garden

Yeah! I jump with joy like a little child, every time I see the tiny cauliflower curd peeping out of its giant leaf stalks even after a decade of home growing experience. Being in north India where winter garden bliss begins in September and goes on till March, we are...

12 Flowering Tips

Many of us dream of a beautiful flower garden but mostly end up buying ready flowering seasonals from nurseries doubting their expertise to create that magic. Beware! Every time you buy nursery grown plants, they are full of pesticide sprays and artificially...